As an athlete, it gives you fuel for training and helps to improve recovery. For everyone, it improves general health and aids in weight management.

Anti-inflammatory eating reduces the body's tendency toward over response to the initial injury. Inflammation can extend recovery times and prolong the effects of injury. We help you understand the effects of inflammation and guide you in selecting foods that reduce inflammation and effectively serve you as medicine.

Blood Sugar Stabilizing helps battle the swings that make healthy eating a challenge. Ever been ravenous at midday or late afternoon? Eating the right foods prevents dips in our blood sugar that drive us into eating frenzies. We help you understand how to eat small nutrient dense meals throughout the day to maintain alertness and energy while feeling satisfied.

Low Carb eating helps us from getting too much of a good thing. The truth about carbohydrates is that we love them a bit too much which can throw off the balance of our diet. A measured amount of carbs is needed to give us energy and endurance but often they push our total calorie count over the top with little return in nutrition. Worse, those sensitive to carbs will tend to put on weight or have difficulty losing it. We help you construct meals that support your health goals by targeting the amount of carbs to your metabolism and level of activity.

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